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This project is part of the source of The Apache ECharts Official Website. See echarts-website for more details of the building process.

Online Docs


Document content development

Do not need other project.

npm run dev

It will:

  • Start a static server
  • Watch doc site src change and rebuild.
  • Watch doc markdown change and rebuild.

Tips about writing doc

Global variables can be used in doc:

  • galleryViewPath
  • galleryEditorPath
  • websitePath

For example: Embed a example in doc:


Provide a example link in doc:

[vertically scrollable legend](${galleryEditorPath}pie-legend&edit=1&reset=1)

Provide a website link in doc:

[Apache ECharts website](${websitePath}/en/download.html)

Reference of option

A ~ can be used to refer to a option item in the same doc. For example:


If intending to reference an anchor in different doc, it can be:



  1. Formatter will treat {{use}} as a block. So don't use it inline.
// Good
Some description
{{ use: partial-xxx }}
Some other description
// Bad
Some description about {{ use: partial-inline-xxx }}
  1. Don't use to complex inline {{if}} {{else}} structure. It will make reading and patching between different languages harder.
// Good
{{ if: ${prefix} !== '#' }}
表示同一层级的节点的颜色饱和度 选取范围。
{{ else }}
本系列默认的节点的颜色饱和度 选取范围。
{{ /if }}
数值范围 0 ~ 1

// Bad
{{ if: ${prefix} !== '#' }}表示同一层级的节点的{{ else }}本系列默认的{{ /if }} 颜色饱和度 选取范围。数值范围 0 ~ 1

// Good
{{ if: ${prefix} !== '#' }}
It indicates the range of saturation (color alpha) for nodes in a level.
{{ else }}
It indicates the range of saturation (color alpha) for nodes  of the series.
{{ /if }}
The range of values is 0 ~ 1.

// Bad
It indicates the range of saturation (color alpha) {{ if: ${prefix} !== '#' }}for nodes in a level {{ else }} of the series{{ /if }}. The range of values is 0 ~ 1.

Format Option Docs

Option docs needs to be formatted before commit.


npm run format

Make sure have a double review on the git diff after formatted.

Sync docs between different languages.

After you finished editing doc of one language. You can use following script to sync it to another language.

# zh to en
node tool/patchLanguage --from=zh --to=en
# en to zh
node tool/patchLanguage --from=en --to=zh

Sync will move the structure. It will make editing of other languages much easier.

Again make sure have a double review on the git diff after syncing.