Apache Eagle

The intelligent monitoring and alerting solution instantly analyzes big data platforms for security and performance

ApacheĀ® Eagleā„¢ is an open source analytics solution for identifying security and performance issues instantly on big data platforms e.g. Apache Hadoop, Apache Spark, NoSQL etc. It analyzes data activities, yarn applications, jmx metrics, and daemon logs etc., provides state-of-the-art alert engine to identify security breach, performance issues and shows insights.

For more details, please visit https://eagle.apache.org

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You can find the latest Eagle documentation on https://eagle.apache.org. This README file only contains basic setup instructions.


Getting Started


  • JDK 8: Java Environment Version 1.8
  • Apache Maven: Project management and comprehension tool Version 3.x
  • NPM: Node package management tool Version 3.x

Building Eagle

Since version 0.5, Eagle is only built on JDK 8.

Eagle is built using Apache Maven. NPM should be installed (On MAC OS try “brew install node”). To build Eagle, run:

mvn clean package -DskipTests 

After successfully building, you will find eagle binary tarball at:


Testing Eagle

mvn clean test

Developing Eagle

  • (Optional) Install/Start HDP Sandbox which provide an all-in-one virtual machine with most dependency services like Zookeeper, Kafka, HBase, etc and monitored hadoop components.

  • Import Eagle as maven project with popular IDE like IntelliJ IDEA

  • Start Eagle Server in debug mode by running (default http port: 9090, default smtp port: 5025)


    Which will start some helpful services for convenient development:

  • Start Eagle Apps with Eagle Web UI in LOCAL MODE.

Getting Help




Please review the Contribution to Eagle Guide for information on how to get started contributing to the project.


Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0. More details, please refer to LICENSE file.