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* https.h
* Copyright (c) 2011 Duo Security
* All rights reserved, all wrongs reversed.
#ifndef HTTPS_H
#define HTTPS_H
typedef struct https_request https_t;
typedef enum {
HTTPS_ERR_SYSTEM, /* system problem */
HTTPS_ERR_LIB, /* library problem */
HTTPS_ERR_CLIENT, /* something you did */
HTTPS_ERR_SERVER, /* something the server did */
} HTTPScode;
/* Initialize HTTPS library */
HTTPScode https_init(const char *cafile, const char *http_proxy);
/* Open HTTPS connection to host[:port] */
HTTPScode https_open(https_t **hp, const char *host, const char *useragent);
/* Send request, return 0 for success or -1 on error */
HTTPScode https_send(
https_t *h,
const char *method,
const char *uri,
int param_cnt,
char *params[],
const char *ikey,
const char *skey,
const char *useragent
/* Read response, return HTTP status code, set body and length if available.
* Wait msecs milliseconds for a response. To disable a timeout, set msecs
* to -1.
HTTPScode https_recv(
https_t *h,
int *code,
const char **body,
int *length,
int msecs
/* Return and clear last API error */
const char *https_geterr(void);
/* Close HTTP connection */
void https_close(https_t **hp);
#endif /* HTTPS_H */