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- Allow using accept_env_factor with SSH.
- Allow using autopush with PAM on Mac OS X.
- Update HTTPS CA certificates.
- Fix issues running 'make check'
- Remove accept_env_factor from pam_duo manpage, as it will not work
- Send codes / push requests using $DUO_PASSCODE environment variable
- Fix error in 1.9.3 changelog :)
- pam_duo is feature-par with login_duo (autopush, prompts)
- Internal refactoring
- Configuration option for falling back to the local IP if the client
IP cannot be detected.
- Autopush is more user friendly
- Add prompts option to the config file
- Various build and test fixups
- Restore compatability with Mac OS X <= 10.6
- Add motd option to the config file
- Add autopush option to the config file
- Add multilib support to auto-detect lib/lib64 libdirs
- Added http_proxy option to the config file
- Various build fixups
- Documentation cleanups
- Fixed authenticated HTTP_PROXY support
- Better handling of HTTP response status codes
- Include server IP address in pushinfo
- Replaced libcurl (and its problematic axTLS, GnuTLS, NSS, polarssl,
Cyassl, etc. dependencies) with a minimal OpenSSL-based libhttps
- Replaced 'minuid' config option with more flexible 'groups' matching
- Added automated tests using for "make {dist}check"
- Added 'cafile' configuration option to override CA cert for testing
- Added login_duo -h option to specify remote host manually
- Added duo_unix.spec from S. Zachariah Sprackett <>
- Fixed issue #5: add implicit 'safe' failmode for local config errors
- Title-cased "Command" in pushinfo
- Added 'pushinfo' configuration option
- Fixed Duo enrollment on FreeBSD
- Pedantic GPL + OpenSSL license handling
- Changed 'noconn' (allow, deny) option in login_duo and pam_duo to
the clearer 'failmode' (safe, secure), e.g.
- Fixed curl_easy_setopt() of User-Agent for libcurl < 7.17.0
- Added CHANGES :-)