change getRawParameter to getParameter because group never appears in special meta information

	public String getRawParameter(String key) {
	    if ("protocol".equals(key))
            return protocol;
	    if ("username".equals(key))
            return username;
	    if ("password".equals(key))
            return password;
	    if ("host".equals(key))
            return host;
	    if ("port".equals(key))
            return String.valueOf(port);
	    if ("path".equals(key))
            return path;
        return getParameter(key);
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Dubbo Proxy

Dubbo Proxy, a gateway of Dubbo, switch from HTTP request to Dubbo protocol,then invoke Dubbo service and return to the result. Later Dubbo Proxy would combine several features, including circuit breaker, current-limiting, api management.


HTTP request format:

{application Name}/​{Interface name}?version={version}&group={group}

Group and version is the mapping data in Dubbo service.

http POST body:

    "methodName" : "sayHello",
    "paramTypes" : ["org.apache.dubbo.demo.model.User"],
    "paramValues": [
            "id": 23,
            "username": "testUser"
  • In the Dubbo 2.7 version and later updates versions, paramTypes is optional data, if not filled in, Dubbo Proxy would get related mapping data from metadata center.
  • You can set registry address and metadata center address in application.yml
proxy.registry.address: zookeeper://   #registry center address, same as Dubbo service's 
proxy.metadata-report.address: zookeeper://  #metadata center address, used by paramType search, support for dubbo 2.7 or later