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Dubbo Initializer

Here is the instance hosted by Dubbo community start.dubbo.apache.org.

You can also customize the code to meet your own requirements and deploy one yourself.

Code structure

Dubbo Initializer is derived from Cloud Native App Initializer, which includes the following modules:

  • initializer-generator, java-based codebase that helps to generate the template project.
  • initializer-page, ui pages

Run from source

Please clone the project locally and make sure you have a Java 17 environment.

Build project

In the project root directory, execute the following commands:

mvn compile -P install-yarn  -Dmaven.test.skip # Install `Node` and `Yarn`
mvn prepare-package -Pbuild-public # Copy the static files to the target of the `initializer-generator` module.

If you are running in a ARM-based system and encounter error running above commands, please add -Dos.arch=x64 and try again.

Run project

Enter the initializer-generator module and execute the following command to start the application:

cd initializer-generator
mvn spring-boot:run

In the browser, enter to use the initializer project for project bootstrap.


This project is a project under the Apache 2.0 license.