Enable publish servicedefinition to metadata center (#2025)

* fix zk invalid path when metadata-type: remote

* format the file

* add log record when joinParams early return

* fix type conversion bug

* add json format

* modify unit test

* fix typo
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Apache Dubbo-go

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中文 🇨🇳

Apache Dubbo-go, a Dubbo implementation written in Golang, is born to bridge the gap between Java/Dubbo and Go/X. Please visit our Dubbo official website for the quick start and documentation.

RPC Invocation

Dubbo-go has supported many RPC protocol, like Triple, Dubbo JSONRPC, gRPC, HTTP, HTTP2.

  • Triple is the supported protocol of Dubbo3 ecology, and is gRPC extended protocol based on HTTP2, which is compatible with gRPC service.In other words, on the basis of gRPC‘s reliable invocation, it adds Dubbo’s service governance capability.
  • Dubbo protocol is tradition Dubbo ecology protocol, which is capitable with dubbo 2.x, and is a good choice for cross-language invocation between GO and Java old service.
  • HTTP support:As you can see in the figure above, you can invoke Triple/Dubbo service using HTTP protocol through dubbo-go-pixiu gateway.

Service Governance Capability.

Getting started


  • imports-formatter formatting dubbo-go project import code block.
  • dubbo-go-cli dubbo-go command line tools, by which you can define your own request pkg and gets rsp struct of your server, test your service as telnet and generate hessian.POJO register method body.
  • dubbo-go-cli-v2 new dubbo-go line tools, you can get services from register center, create a demo , create application templates, one-click installation of protoc-gen-go-triple and imports-formatter tools,and has the same features with dubbo-go-cli.
  • protoc-gen-go-triple tripe protocol pb file generation tool.
  • protoc-gen-dubbo3grpc dubbo3 grpc pb file generation tool.

If you want to know more about dubbogo tools, please visit https://github.com/apache/dubbo-go/blob/master/dubbogo-cli and read its readme carefully.

Intellij Plugin

  • Windows: File > Settings > Plugins > Browse repositories... > Search for “Dubbo Go” > Install Plugin
  • MacOS: Preferences > Settings > Plugins > Browse repositories... > Search for “Dubbo Go” > Install Plugin
  • Manually:
    • Download the latest release and install it manually using Preferences > Plugins > Install plugin from disk...
    • From official jetbrains store from download


Hessian2 Generator✅️✅️
New Project/Module✅️✅️

Project/Module Template

Project/Module TemplateProgress
Empty Project✅️
Empty Project Template Middleware
Web ServiceGin✅️
Memory CacheRedis✅️

If you want to know more about dubbogo Intellij Plugin, please visit https://gitee.com/changeden/intellij-plugin-dubbo-go-generator and read its readme carefully.

Dubbo-go ecosystem

  • Dubbo Ecosystem Entry - A GitHub group dubbo to gather all Dubbo relevant projects not appropriate in apache group yet.
  • dubbo-go-pixiu - A dynamic, high-performance API gateway solution for Dubbo and Http services.
  • dubbo-go-samples - Samples for Apache Dubbo-go.
  • dubbo-getty - A netty like asynchronous network I/O library which supports tcp/udp/websocket network protocol.
  • triple - A golang network package that based on http2, used by Dubbo-go 3.0.
  • dubbo-go-hessian2 - A golang hessian library used by Apache/dubbo-go.
  • gost - A go sdk for Apache Dubbo-go.


Please visit CONTRIBUTING for details on submitting patches and the contribution workflow.

Reporting bugs

Please use the bug report template to report bugs, use the enhancement template to provide suggestions for improvement.


User List

If you are using apache/dubbo-go and think that it helps you or want to contribute code for Dubbo-go, please add your company to the user list to let us know your needs.

See more user cases


Apache Dubbo-go software is licenced under the Apache License Version 2.0. See the LICENSE file for details.