Contributing to Dubbogo

1. Branch

  • The name of branches SHOULD be in the format of feature/xxx.
  • You SHOULD checkout a new branch after a feature branch already being merged into upstream, DO NOT commit in the old branch.

2. Pull Request

2.1. Title Format

The pr head format is <head> <subject>. The title should be simpler to show your intent.

The title format of the pull request MUST follow the following rules:

  • Start with Doc: for adding/formatting/improving docs.
  • Start with Mod: for formatting codes or adding comment.
  • Start with Fix: for fixing bug, and its ending should be #issue-id if being relevant to some issue.
  • Start with Imp: for improving performance.
  • Start with Ftr: for adding a new feature.
  • Start with Add: for adding struct function/member.
  • Start with Rft: for refactoring codes.
  • Start with Tst: for adding tests.
  • Start with Dep: for adding depending libs.
  • Start with Rem: for removing feature/struct/function/member/files.

3. Code Style

3.1 log

1 when logging the function's input parameter, you should add ‘@’ before input parameter name.