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Apache Dubbo-go 中文

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Apache Dubbo Go Implementation.


Apache License, Version 2.0

Release note

v1.0.0 - May 29, 2019 compatible with dubbo v2.6.5

Project Architecture

Both extension module and layered project architecture is according to Apache Dubbo (including protocol layer, registry layer, cluster layer, config layer and so on), the advantage of this arch is as following: you can implement these layered interfaces in your own way, override the default implementation of dubbo-go by calling ‘extension.SetXXX’ of extension, complete your special needs without modifying the source code. At the same time, you are welcome to contribute implementation of useful extension to the community.

frame design

If you wanna know more about dubbo-go, please visit this reference Project Architeture design

Feature list

Finished List:

  • Role: Consumer, Provider
  • Transport: HTTP, TCP
  • Codec: JsonRPC v2, Hessian v2
  • Registry: ZooKeeper/etcd/nacos
  • Configure Center: Zookeeper
  • Cluster Strategy: Failover/Failfast/Failsafe/Failback/Available/Broadcast
  • Load Balance: Random/RoundRobin/LeastActive
  • Filter: Echo Health Check
  • Other feature: generic invoke/start check/connecting certain provider/multi-protocols/multi-registries/multi-versions/service group

Working List:

  • Cluster Strategy: Forking
  • Load Balance: ConsistentHash
  • Filter: TokenFilter/AccessLogFilter/CountFilter/ExecuteLimitFilter/TpsLimitFilter
  • Registry: k8s/consul
  • Configure Center: apollo
  • Dynamic Configuration Center & Metadata Center (dubbo v2.7.x)
  • Metrics: Promethus(dubbo v2.7.x)

Todo List:

  • Registry: kubernetes
  • Routing: istio
  • tracing (dubbo ecosystem)

You can know more about dubbo-go by its roadmap.



Quick Start

The subdirectory examples shows how to use dubbo-go. Please read the examples/ carefully to learn how to dispose the configuration and compile the program.

Running unit tests

go test ./...

# coverage
go test ./... -coverprofile=coverage.txt -covermode=atomic


If you are willing to do some code contributions and document contributions to Apache/dubbo-go, please visit contribution intro.


Benchmark project please refer to go-for-apache-dubbo-benchmark

About dubbo-go benchmarking report, please refer to dubbo benchmarking report & jsonrpc benchmarking report

User List

If you are using apache/dubbo-go and think that it helps you or want do some contributions to it, please add your company to to the user list to let us know your needs.



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