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Dubbo-go supports OpenTelemetry tracing.


Create Dubbo instance

To use the tracing feature, you need to use dubbo.NewInstance to create a Dubbo instance.

If you create server and client directly, only basic RPC feature can be enabled.

Use tracing feature

To config tracing, you need to use dubbo.WithTracing as an option of dubbo.NewInstance. In dubbo.WithTracing, you can add more options to config tracing module.

And the must be imported.

package main

import (
  _ ""

func main() {
    instance, err := dubbo.NewInstance(
          // add tracing options here
          trace.WithEnabled(), // enable tracing feature
          trace.WithRatioMode(), // use ratio mode
          trace.WithRatio(0.5), // sample ratio, only active when use ratio mode

If you don't add any options in dubbo.WithTracing, default tracing config will be used. Default tracing config is shown below.

# default tracing config
enable: false
exporter: stdout
endpoint: ""
propagator: w3c
sample-mode: ratio
sample-ratio: 0.5

Options description

  • enable: enable tracing or not
    • trace.WithEnabled() means enable tracing
  • exporter: tracing exporter backends, support stdout, jaeger, zipkin, otlp-http, otlp-grpc
    • trace.WithStdoutExporter()
    • trace.WithJaegerExporter()
    • trace.WithZipkinExporter()
    • trace.WithOtlpHttpExporter()
    • trace.WithOtlpGrpcExporter()
  • endpoint: exporter backend endpoint, for example, jaeger exporter's endpoint is http://localhost:14268/api/traces
    • trace.WithEndpoint(string)
  • propagator: context propagator type, support w3c, b3, more details you can see here
    • trace.WithW3cPropagator()
    • trace.WithB3Propagator() zipkin exporter default use this
  • sample-mode: sample mode, support ratio, always, never
    • trace.WithAlwaysMode()
    • trace.WithNeverMode()
    • trace.WithRatioMode()
  • sample-ratio: sample ratio, only used when sample-mode is ratio, range between 0 and 1
    • trace.WithRatio(float64)