Based on the proxy gateway service of dubbo-go, it solves the problem that the external protocol calls the internal Dubbo cluster. At present, it supports HTTP and gRPC[developing].

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dubbo-go-pixiu is a gateway that mainly focuses on providing gateway solution to your Dubbo and RESTful services.

It supports HTTP-to-Dubbo and HTTP-to-HTTP proxy and more protocols will be supported in the near future.

Quick Start

1. start provider

1.1 Modify the zookeeper configuration of the following files


1.2 Switch to the root directory of dubbo-go-pixiu to execute

export CONF_PROVIDER_FILE_PATH=$PWD/samples/dubbogo/http/server/profiles/dev/server.yml
export APP_LOG_CONF_FILE=$PWD/samples/dubbogo/http/server/profiles/dev/log.yml

1.3 Compile the provider code

go build -o server samples/dubbogo/http/server/app/*.go 

1.4 Execute the binary file in the project root directory


2. Start pixiu

2.1 Modify the zookeeper configuration of the following files


2.2 Compile pixiu code

go build -o pixiu cmd/pixiu/*.go 

2.3 Execute the binary file in the project root directory

./pixiu start

3. Try a request

curl -X POST 'localhost:8888/api/v1/test-dubbo/user' -d '{"id":"0003","code":3,"name":"dubbogo","age":99}' --header 'Content-Type: application/json' 


  1. You can customize your own dubbo-go-pixiu with plugin.
  2. Multiple default filters to manage your APIs.
  3. Dubbo and HTTP proxies.
  4. Customizable request parameters mapping.
  5. Automatically recognizes RPC services from service registration center and exposes it in HTTP protocol.
  6. Sidecar or centralized deployment(Planning)
  7. Dubbo protocol's rate-limiting in Istio environment(Planning)

Architecture Diagram

Flow Diagram




Data panel


Control Panel



Downstream is the requester who sends request to and expecting the response from dubbo-go-pixiu. (Eg.Postman client, Browser)


The service that receive requests and send responses to dubbo-go-pixiu. (Eg. Dubbo server)


The way that the dubbo-go-pixiu exposes services to upstream clients. It could be configured to multiple listeners for one dubbo-go-pixiu.


Cluster is a set of upstream services that logically similar, such as dubbo cluster. pixiu can identifies the cluster members through service discovery and proactively probes their healthiness so that the pixiu can route the requests to proper cluster member base on load balancing strategies.


API is the core concept of the dubbo-go-pixiu, all the upstream services will be configured and exposed through API.


The actual caller of the upstream services.


Router routes the HTTP request to proper upstream services according to the API configs.


The context of a request in dubbo-go-pixiu includes almost all information to get response from upstream services. It will be used in almost all process in the dubbo-go-pixiu, especially the filter chain.


Filter manipulate the incoming requests. It is extensible for the users.

Contact Us

The project is under intensively iteration, you are more than welcome to use, suggest and contribute codes. DingDing Group: 31363295


If u want to communicate with our community, pls scan the following dubbobo Ding-Ding QR code or search our commnity DingDing group code 31363295.

The wechat public account of out community is as follows.

We welcome the friends who can give us constructing suggestions instead of known-nothing.


Apache License, Version 2.0