Based on the proxy gateway service of dubbo-go, it solves the problem that the external protocol calls the internal Dubbo cluster. At present, it supports HTTP and gRPC[developing].

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Dubbo-Go-Pixiu(official site: is a high-performance API gateway and multi-language solution Sidecar in the Dubbo ecosystem

It is an open source Dubbo ecosystem API gateway, and also a sidecar to let other compute language program access the dubbo clusters by HTTP/gRPC protocol. As an API gateway, Pixiu can receive external network requests, convert them into dubbo and other protocol requests, and forward them to the back cluster; as a sidecar, Pixiu expects to register to the Dubbo cluster instead of the proxy service, allowing multilingual services to access the Dubbo cluster to provide faster solution

Quick Start

you can find out all demo in download it and operate as below.

cd samples dir

cd dubbogo/simple

we can use to run samples quickly. for more info, execute command as below for more help

./ [action] [project]
./ help

we run body samples below step

prepare config file and docker

prepare command will prepare dubbo-server and pixiu config file and start docker container needed

./ prepare body

if prepare config file manually, notice:

  • modify $PROJECT_DIR in conf.yaml to absolute path in your compute

start dubbo or http server

./ startServer body

start pixiu

./ startPixiu body

if run pixiu manually in pixiu project, use command as below.

 go run cmd/pixiu/*.go gateway start -c /[absolute-path]/dubbo-go-pixiu/samples/dubbogo/simple/body/pixiu/conf.yaml

Try a request

use curl to try or use unit test

curl -X POST 'localhost:8881/api/v1/test-dubbo/user' -d '{"id":"0003","code":3,"name":"dubbogo","age":99}' --header 'Content-Type: application/json' 
./ startTest body


./ clean body

Start Docker

docker run --name pixiu-gateway -p 8888:8888 dubbogopixiu/dubbo-go-pixiu:latest

docker run --name pixiu-gateway -p 8888:8888 \
    -v /yourpath/conf.yaml:/etc/pixiu/conf.yaml \
    -v /yourpath/log.yml:/etc/pixiu/log.yml \


  • Multi-protocol support: Currently, Http, Dubbo2, Triple, gRPC protocol proxy and conversion are supported, and other protocols are being continuously integrated.
  • Safety certificate: Support HTTPS, JWT Token verification and other security authentication measures.
  • Registry integration: Support to obtain service metadata from Dubbo or Spring Cloud cluster, support ZK, Nacos registry.
  • Traffic management: Integrate with sentinel, support multiple protocols for rate limiting.
  • Observability: Integrate with opentelemetry and jaeger for distributed tracing.
  • Admin and visual interface: Have pixiu-admin for remote administration and visualization

Control Plane

The pixiu control plane is forked from istio v1.14.3. Offers a variety of capabilities, including service discovery, traffic management, security management.

Contact Us

The project is under intensively iteration, you are more than welcome to use, suggest and contribute codes.


DingDing Group (31203920):


We welcome the friends who can give us constructing suggestions instead of known-nothing.


Apache License, Version 2.0