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samples for dubbo-go-pixiu

What It Contains

  • dubbogo/simple/nacos: http to dubbo with nacos registry

  • dubbogo/simple/triple: http to triple

  • dubbogo/simple/jaeger: pixiu with jaeger

  • dubbogo/simple/direct: http to dubbo with direct generic call

  • dubbogo/simple/body: http to dubbo with api_config.yaml

  • dubbogo/simple/resolve: http to dubbo with auto resolve protocol

  • grpc: grpc proxy

  • http/grpc: http to grpc transform

  • http/simple: http proxy

  • springcloud: http proxy with spring cloud registry

  • xds: pixiu with xds

How to run

cd samples dir

cd dubbogo/simple

we can use to run samples quickly. for more info, execute command as below for more help

./ [action] [project]
./ help

we run body samples below step

prepare config file and docker

prepare command will prepare dubbo-server and pixiu config file and start docker container needed

./ prepare body

if prepare config file manually, notice:

  • modify $PROJECT_DIR in conf.yaml to absolute path in your compute

start dubbo or http server

./ startServer body

start pixiu

./ startPixiu body

if run pixiu manually in pixiu project, use command as below.

 go run pixiu/*.go gateway start -c /[absolute-path]/dubbo-go-pixiu/samples/dubbogo/simple/body/pixiu/conf.yaml

Try a request

use curl to send request

curl -X POST 'localhost:8881/api/v1/test-dubbo/user' -d '{"id":"0003","code":3,"name":"dubbogo","age":99}' --header 'Content-Type: application/json' 

or just run unit test

./ startTest body


./ clean body