Apache Dubbo Erlang Implementation.

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Apache Dubbo Erlang Implementation.

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Feature list

The following features are supported.

  • Zookeeper registry center (√)
  • Dubbo Protocol (√)
  • Serialize
    • Hessian serialize (√)
    • Json serialize (√)
  • Erlang project as consumer or provider (√)
  • Sync and Async invoker (√)
  • Random loadbalance (√)
  • Connection pools (√)
  • Support protocol,cluster,loadbalance,registry and filter extension point.



Add dubblerl to rebar.config with your project

{deps, [
    {dubboerl, {git, "https://github.com/apache/dubbo-erlang.git", {branch, "master"}}}


Use erlanalysis tool transfer java interface to erlang lib. And add the lib to you project app dir.


configure dubbo reference.

in sys.config add dubboerl config. For example:

    {protocol, {dubbo, [{port, 20882}]}},


Init dubboerl application context when your project start.



Call the interface method.

Request = #userInfoRequest{requestId = 123, username = "testname"},
userOperator:queryUserInfo(Request,#{sync=> true}).


Reference the demo project dubboerl_demo

More Documents

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