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从 `2.0.5` 版本开始,dubbo 开始支持通过 telnet 命令来镜像服务治理。
从 `2.0.5` 版本开始,dubbo 开始支持通过 telnet 命令来进行服务治理。
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A collection of Apache Dubbo (incubating) docs

How to Visit (Publish Address):

How to Publish

This repository only stores markdown sources, in order to be visited by users, it should be published everytime when there's an update. It will not be published automatically, so the committers need to publish mannually following rules below:

  • Publish to dubbo.apache.org. You can find the publish script stored in repo incubator-dubbo-website(the official site), clone that repo and run the script, all resources will be published automatically to dubbo.apache.org.