Cache Result

Cache Result [^1] is used to speed up access to popular data. Dubbo provides declarative caching to reduce the user work of adding cache [^2]。

Cache Type

  • lru Delete excess cache Based on the principle of least recently used. The hottest data is cached.
  • threadlocal The current thread cache. For example, a page have a lot of portal and each portal need to check user information, you can reduce this redundant visit with this cache.
  • jcache integrate with JSR107 , you can bridge a variety of cache implementation。

Caching type can be extended,refer to:Cache extension


<dubbo:reference interface="" cache="lru" />


<dubbo:reference interface="">
    <dubbo:method name="findBar" cache="lru" />

[^1]: Support since 2.1.0 [^2]: Sample