Beanchmark testing tool installer

  • download: git clone
  • compile benchmark: cd incubator-dubbo/dubbo-test/dubbo-test-benchmark; mvn clean install
  • uncompress benchmark: incubator-dubbo/dubbo-test/dubbo-test-benchmark/target/dubbo-test-benchmark-2.6.2-SNAPSHOT.tar.gz

Read ReadMe.txt (the contents are as follows, in the compressed package.)

  • Build a new benchmark project, such as demo.benchmark

  • Import the your own interface api jar and dubbo.benchmark.jar (Unzip dubbo.benchmark.tar.gz, under the lib directory )

  • Create a new class to implement AbstractClientRunnable

    • Implement the constructor of the parent class
    • Implement the invoke method and create a local interface proxy by serviceFactory,and finish your own business logic, as follows:
        public Object invoke(ServiceFactory serviceFactory) {
            DemoService demoService = (DemoService) serviceFactory.get(DemoService.class);
            return demoService.sendRequest("hello");
  • Make your own benchmark project into a jar package, such as demo.benchmark.jar

  • Put the demo.benchmark.jar and service API jar into directory dubbo.benchmark/lib

  • Configuring

  • Run run.bat(windows) or

If you want to test the different versions of Dubbo, you can replace the jar of the Dubbo.