Config connections

Control connections at server-side

Limit server-side accept to no more than 10 connections

<dubbo:provider protocol="dubbo" accepts="10" />


<dubbo:protocol name="dubbo" accepts="10" />

Control connections at client-side

Limit client-side creating connection to no more than 10 connections for interface

<dubbo:reference interface="" connections="10" />


<dubbo:service interface="" connections="10" />

NOTE: If used default protocol(dubbo protocol), and the value of connections attribute is great than 0,then each service reference will has itself connection,else all service which belong to same remote server will share only one connection. In this framework,we called private connection or share connection.

If <dubbo:service> and <dubbo:reference> are both configured accepts/connections,<dubbo:reference> is preferred,Ref to Configuration coverage strategy.

  • : Because connection is connect on Server,so configure at Provider.