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Collections of Apache Dubbo resources.

Bi-Weekly Meetings

Every two weeks we host a community meeting to showcase new features, share roadmap, review important issues/PRs, and engage in answering user questions.

One week before the start of each meeting, we will publish and pin the entry meeting link in dubbo-awesome/issues. Currently, we host our community meeting on DingTalk and every contributor or user interested in Dubbo can join our meeting through the link. If you are interested in microservice tech trends, Dubbo3 features, roadmap, or you have issues using Dubbo in production, etc., you are welcome to join the meeting to discuss with maintainers, contributors and users.

Apache Dubbo 社区每两周都会举办线上会议,讨论最新发布的特性、下一阶段规划、讨论重点 issues/PRs、回答用户问题等。

每次会议开始前的一周我们都会在 dubbo-awesome/issues公布参加会议的入口链接,会议形式目前是钉钉线上会议。任何感兴趣的社区参与者都可以通过链接加入会议,我们将讨论最新技术趋势、Dubbo3 新特性与Roadmap、使用 Dubbo 遇到的问题等,欢迎加入会议和社区核心开发、贡献者、用户进行详细讨论。

🔗 下次会议钉钉会议:
🎥 会议回放2022-06-24


自 Dubbo3 开始,我们将 Dubbo 的核心特性的思考与设计沉淀成方案,包括应用级服务发现、Triple 协议、Mesh 等。

Community Events And Resources

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