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Apache Druid is a high performance analytics data store for event-driven data. More information about Druid
can be found on
You can find the documentation for {THIS_OR_THE_LATEST} Druid release on the project website{DRUIDVERSION}/.
You can get started with Druid with our quickstart at{DRUIDVERSION}/tutorials/quickstart.html.
Build from Source
You can build Apache Druid directly from source.
JDK 8, 8u92+
Maven version 3.x
The basic command to build Druid from source is:
mvn clean install
This will run static analysis, unit tests, compile classes, and package the projects into JARs. It will not generate the
source or binary distribution tarball.
In addition to the basic stages, you may also want to add the following profiles and properties:
-Pdist - Distribution profile: Generates the binary distribution tarball by pulling in core extensions and
dependencies and packaging the files as 'distribution/target/apache-druid-x.x.x-bin.tar.gz'
-Papache-release - Apache release profile: Generates GPG signature and checksums, and builds the source distribution
tarball as `distribution/target/apache-druid-x.x.x-src.tar.gz`
-Prat - Apache Rat profile: Runs the Apache Rat license audit tool
-DskipTests - Skips unit tests (which reduces build time)
Putting these together, if you wish to build the source and binary distributions with signatures and checksums, audit
licenses, and skip the unit tests, you would run:
mvn clean install -Papache-release,dist,rat -DskipTests
Community support is available on the druid-user mailing list also available at!forum/druid-user.
Development discussions occur on (archive available at, which you can subscribe to by emailing
If you find any bugs, please file a GitHub issue at
If you wish to contribute, please follow the guidelines listed at