Integrate TestNG to enable Java-based test case development & Parse QueryProfile (#551)

* Integrate TestNG with framework

- Add testng dependency to pom and define a new build profile.
- Added a base class for all Java tests.
- Added a sample test class for RM.

* Add support to get and parse query profile

- Update the REST utils used for Http GET.
- Add utilility to build Http GET request.
- Add utility method to convert the Http Response to a String response.
- Add utility that takes in a queryId and returns a QueryProfile object.

* Handle queryId does not exist scenario

- Check for scenario when Http GET request comes back with an error.
- Throw meaningful error if GET request fails.

* Move createConnectionProperties to Utils, create a class for unit tests

- Test Framework also needs unit tests to ensure quality and robustness
- Move static class createConnectionProperties to

* Move debugging logs to debug

* Cosmetic changes

* Reverting the CWD fix to enable merging the code.

* Reverting comment

* Rename class to DrillTestNGDefaults

* Implement review comments - reformat code

* Remove unnecessary blank lines
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Test Framework for Apache Drill

Test Framework for SQL on Hadoop technologies. Currently supports Apache Drill, a schema-free SQL query engine for Hadoop, NoSQL and cloud storage.

The framework is built for regression, integration & sanity testing. Includes test coverage (with baselines) for core Drill functionality, and supported features. And are used by the Apache Drill community for pre-commit regression and part of the release criteria.


  1. The test framework requires a distributed file system such as HDFS or MapR-FS to be configured. Some of the tests can also be run against a local file system. By default, it's configured to run against MapR-FS. You can change the default behavior by modifying conf/core-site.xml. Refer to conf/core-site.xml.example for settings.
  2. To run all tests, Hive and HBase needs to be installed and running. To exclude Hive and HBase tests, please refer to the example in the Execute Tests section.
  3. The test framework should be run on a Drill cluster node. Refer to Drill documentation for details on how to setup Drill. It can also be run on a client node with additional configuration required.
  4. Cluster information are set in the conf/ file. This is the main configuration file for the framework. It needs to be modified with local cluster info before compile the framework and run tests.

Build Project

To begin using the test framework, you need to build the project and download dependent datasets (configured in pom.xml).

git clone
cd drill-test-framework
bin/build_framework -Pdownload

If you've already downloaded the datasets previously, you can simply skip the download.

Execute Tests

In the root directory of your repository, execute the following command to run tests:

bin/run_tests -s <suites> -g <groups> -t <Timeout> -x <Exclude> -n <Concurrency> -d



We encourage contributions from users! You can fix bugs, make enhancements or add new tests. Create a PR here on GitHub for your change.

Refer to for details on the test framework structure and instructions on how to contribute.


Licensed under the Apache License 2.0. Please see