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DolphinScheduler Studio


DolphinScheduler Studio is a debugging platfrom for DolphinScheduler.

If you want to contribute, please refer to the contributing guidelines of this project.

Quick start

install dependencies using pnpm

pnpm install

start the development server

pnpm dev

build a studio component

pnpm build

Install LSP

install sql lsp

go install

install shell lsp

npm i -g bash-language-server

install python lsp

pip install python-lsp-server

Configuration DB

The connection to the RDBMS is essential to take advantage of the functionality provided by sqls. You need to set the connection to the RDBMS.

Configuration Methods

lowercaseKeywords: false
  - alias: mysql
    driver: mysql
    proto: tcp
    user: root
    passwd: root
    port: 13306
    dbName: world