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There are many ways to get help from the Apache DistributedLog community. The mailing lists are the primary place where all DistributedLog committers are present. Bugs and feature requests can either be discussed on dev mailing list or on [JIRA]({{ site.jira_url }}). Those interested in contributing to DistributedLog should check out the contribution guide.

Mailing Lists

Slack Channel

There is a Slack channel dedicated to Apache DistributedLog at The slack channel can be used for online discussions about Apache DistributedLog as community. Users can get help using DistributedLog, follow developement discussions and connect with the community.

But developers should be careful to move or duplicate all the official or useful discussions to the issue tracking system or dev mailing list.

If you are interested in connecting with the community using Slack channel, you can get invite from here.

Issue Tracker

We use JIRA to track all code related issues: [{{ site.jira_url }}]({{ site.jira_url }}).

All issue activity is also mirrored to the dev mailing list.

Source Code

Main source repositories

Note: We prefer to run distributedlog using Java 8.