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README for Apache Fortress Realm

  • Version 2.0.8

Table of Contents

  • Document Overview
  • About Apache Fortress Realm
  • Tips for first-time users
  • SECTION 1. Prerequisites
  • SECTION 2. Download & Install
  • SECTION 3. Instructions for Application Usage

Document Overview

This document contains instructions to download and install the Apache Fortress Realm. SECTION 3 contains steps to get it working with Apache Tomcat.

About Apache Fortress Realm

  • Role-Based Access Control security provider to Apache Tomcat.

  • Uses Apache Tomcat Realm Interface

  • Declarative controls for authentication & coarse-grained authorization (role check)

Tips for first-time users

SECTION 1. Prerequisites

Minimum hardware requirements:

  • 1 Core
  • 1GB RAM

Minimum software requirements (to build):

  • Java SDK 8++
  • git
  • Apache Maven3++

SECTION 2. Download & Install

  1. Download the source.

a. from git:

git clone --branch 2.0.8 https://gitbox.apache.org/repos/asf/directory-fortress-realm.git
cd directory-fortress-realm

b. or download package:

wget http://www.apache.org/dist/directory/fortress/dist/2.0.8/fortress-realm-2.0.8-source-release.zip
unzip fortress-realm-2.0.8-source-release.zip
cd fortress-realm-2.0.8
  1. Build the source

a. Java 8 target

mvn clean install

-- OR --

b. Java 11 target

mvn clean install -Djava.version=11
  1. Now build the javadoc:
mvn javadoc:javadoc

If using java 8, add this param to the pom.xml:

  1. View the generated document here: ./target/site/apidocs/overview-summary.html.

SECTION 3. Instructions for Application Usage

There are two options for web app usage of the fortress realm:

  • Option 1 requires web apps to be dependent on the fortress realm libs but enables usage of the fortress RBAC programmatic authZ apis. It allows multiple realms, each of a different type and version, to be enabled within a single Tomcat instance.

  • Option 2 frees the web app from entanglement with fortress libs, which is easier to manage, but doesn't allow fortress api usage. It limits to a single realm instance, enabled globally, which might not agree with multitenant requirements.

Table of Options

Realm TypeIs Global Security?Is Declarative?Is RBAC APIs?Multiple Realms Supported?Fortress Dependencies?
Option 1NoYesYesYesYes
Option 2YesYesNoNoNo

Option 1. For Single Web Context

enable Java EE security for a single web app running under Tomcat

Apache Fortress Realm System Architecture

Option 2. For Global Security

enable Java EE security for all web apps running under Tomcat

Apache Fortress Realm Host System Architecture