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README for Apache Fortress Ten Minute Guide

Document Overview

The documents linked by this guide provide the instructions to download, build and install Apache Fortress software from source. It also shows how to install ApacheDS LDAP server and get it working with Fortress.


Minimum hardware requirements:

  • 2 Cores
  • 4GB RAM

Minimum software requirements:

  • Java SDK 8
  • Apache Maven3++
  • git

Everything else covered in steps that follow. Tested on Debian & Centos systems.

Instructions for downloading app and generating the install doc:

  1. Clone the directory-fortress repos from apache git by commands:
git clone
git clone
git clone
git clone
  1. Change directory to fortress core package home:
cd directory-fortress-core/
  1. Set Java and Maven home env variables.

  2. Build the Fortress Core source and javadoc:

mvn clean install
mvn javadoc:javadoc
  1. Point your web browser to the following location:
  1. Follow the steps under Navigation Links:
  • Setup Apache Directory Server
  • Setup Apache Directory Studio
  • Build Apache Fortress Core
  • Build Apache Fortress Realm
  • Setup Apache Tomcat Web Server
  • Build Apache Fortress Web
  • Build Apache Fortress Rest