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<title>Overview of the fortress programming samples</title>
This package contains samples that show how its APIs can be used. These samples run as JUnit test cases inside of maven.
<li>{@link} demonstrates {@code} APIs</li>
<li>{@link} will execute all tests in their proper order</li>
<li>{@link} demonstrates {@code} APis to create Perm organizational unit hierarchies</li>
<li>{@link} demonstrates {@code} APis to create a Perm organizational unit node</li>
<li>{@link} demonstrates {@code} to create RBAC permissions</li>
<li>{@link} demonstrates {@code} to create RBAC Role hierarchies</li>
<li>{@link} demonstrates {@code} to create RBAC Roles and assign constraints</li>
<li>{@link} demonstrates various ways to create a session using {@code} APIs</li>
<li>{@link} demonstrates {@code} APis to create User organizational unit hierarchies</li>
<li>{@link} demonstrates {@code} APis to create a User organizational unit node</li>
<li>{@link} demonstrates {@code} APIs to assign Roles to Users</li>
<li>{@link} demonstrates {@code} APIs to create User object nodes</li>
These samples can be executed by entering the following mvn command:
<p style="font: monospace; color: black; background-color: lightgrey; font-size: 10pt">
mvn -Dtest=NameOfSample test
Where NameOfSample is the name of test to run, e.g. AllSamplesJUnitTest