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README-QUICKSTART for Apache Fortress Web

  • Version 2.0.5

Table of Contents

  • Document Overview
  • SECTION 1. Prerequisites
  • SECTION 2. Configure Tomcat and Deploy Fortress Web
  • SECTION 3. Load Sample Security Policy
  • SECTION 4. Test

Document Overview

This document contains instructions to deploy a pre-built Fortress Web instance to Apache Tomcat.

SECTION 1. Prerequisites

Minimum software requirements:

SECTION 2. Configure Tomcat and Deploy Fortress Web

Set the java system properties in tomcat with the target ldap server's coordinates.

  1. Edit the startup script for Tomcat

  2. Set the java opts

a. For OpenLDAP:

JAVA_OPTS="-Dversion=2.0.5 -Dfortress.admin.user=cn=Manager,dc=example,dc=com -Dfortress.config.root=ou=Config,dc=example,dc=com"

b. For ApacheDS:

JAVA_OPTS="$JAVA_OPTS -Dfortress.admin.user=uid=admin,ou=system -Dfortress.config.root=ou=Config,dc=example,dc=com -Dfortress.port=10389"
  1. Verify these settings match your target LDAP server.

  2. Download the fortress realm proxy jar into tomcat/lib folder:

wget -P $TOMCAT_HOME/lib

where TOMCAT_HOME matches your target env.

  1. Download the fortress web war into tomcat/webapps folder:
wget -P $TOMCAT_HOME/webapps

where TOMCAT_HOME matches your target env.

  1. Restart tomcat for new settings to take effect.

SECTION 3. Load Sample Security Policy

From the Fortress Core package perform the following steps:

  1. Download the fortress web sample security policy from git:
wget -P ldap/setup
  1. Run maven install with -Dload.file file:
mvn install -Dload.file=ldap/setup/FortressWebDemoUsers.xml


  • This step must be completed before tests can be successfully run.
  • The DelegatedAdminManagerLoad must also be loaded into LDAP, for base policy req's.


  1. Open browser and test (creds: test/password):

where hostname is host or ip for your machine.

  1. Click on the links, to pull up various views on the data stored in the directory.

  2. Run the Selenium Web driver integration tests with Firefox (default):

mvn test -Dtest=FortressWebSeleniumITCase
  1. Run the tests using Chrome:
mvn test -Dtest=FortressWebSeleniumITCase -Dweb.driver=chrome

Note: The Selenium tests require that:

  • Either Firefox or Chrome installed to target machine.
  • FORTRESS_CORE_HOME/FortressJUnitTest successfully run. This will load some test data to grind on.
  • FortressWebDemoUsers policy loaded into target LDAP server.