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Apache DirectMemory release process
Olivier Lamy
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Apache DirectMemory release process
[[1]] Post to the dev list a few days before you plan to do a release
[[2]] Your maven setting must contains the entry to be able to deploy.
[[3]] Release
You should have a GPG agent running in the session you will run the maven release commands(preferred), and confirm it works by running "gpg -ab" (type some text and press Ctrl-D).
If you do not have a GPG agent running, make sure that you have the "apache-release" profile set in your settings.xml as shown below.
Run the release
mvn release:prepare release:perform -B
GPG configuration in maven settings xml:
[[4]] go to and close your staged repository. Note the repository url (format
svn co directmemory-dev-release
cd directmemory-dev-release
sh ./ version stagingRepoUrl
then svn add <new directory created with new version as name>
then svn ci
[[5]] Validating the release
* Download sources, extract, build and run tests - mvn clean package
* Verify license headers - mvn -Prat -DskipTests
* Download binaries and .asc files
* Download release manager's public key - From the KEYS file, get the release manager's public key finger print and run gpg --keyserver --recv-key <key>
* Validate authenticity of key - run gpg --fingerprint <key>
* Check signatures of all the binaries using gpg <binary>
[[6]] Call for a vote in the dev list and wait for 72 hrs. for the vote results. 3 binding votes are necessary for the release to be finalized. example
After the vote has passed, move the files from dist dev to dist release: svn mv to
[[7]] Prepare release note. Add a page in src/site/apt/releasenotes/ and change value of \<currentRelease> in parent pom.
[[8]] Send out an announcement of the release to:
[[9]] Celebrate !