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Apache DirectMemory Release Notes 0.2
Olivier Lamy
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Apache DirectMemory 0.2
The Apache DirectMemory Team would like to announce the 0.2 release.
Apache DirectMemory is a multi layered cache implementation featuring off-heap memory management to enable efficient handling of a large number of java objects without affecting jvm garbage collection performance
It's a technology preview release. So some APIs can be change in the future.
We hope you enjoy using Apache DirectMemory! If you have any questions, please consult:
* the web site: {{{}}}
* the directmemory-user mailing list: {{{}}}
Release date: 2013-09-15.
* Apache DirectMemory 0.2 release notes
** Improvement
* [DIRECTMEMORY-28] - Create an alternative MemoryService using sun.misc.Unsafe
* [DIRECTMEMORY-69] - Expose InputStream and OutputStream Interfaces instead of internal Pointer.directBuffer
* [DIRECTMEMORY-104] - Precise correct DirectMemory usage and fix typo in documentation
* [DIRECTMEMORY-124] - Create an utility class Iterable<V> over Cache<K,V>
* [DIRECTMEMORY-125] - General code improvements
** New Feature
* [DIRECTMEMORY-60] - EHCache Integration
** Bug
* [DIRECTMEMORY-49] - MemoryManagerService.update does not reuse the same pointer
* [DIRECTMEMORY-57] - should be atomic / thread safe
* [DIRECTMEMORY-82] - CacheService should implement Closable / Review the livecycle of the CacheService/MemoryService/ByteBufferAllocator objects
* [DIRECTMEMORY-103] - Add Kryo serializer
* [DIRECTMEMORY-105] - Kryo Serializer adapter isn't threadsafe
* [DIRECTMEMORY-126] - upgrade to ehcache 2.6.6
* [DIRECTMEMORY-127] - ehcache integration OSGI tests no longer work
* [DIRECTMEMORY-128] - Mark aspectj package import as optional and other Import-Package fixes
* [DIRECTMEMORY-129] - Kryo serializer usage is not thread safe
* [DIRECTMEMORY-130] - MemoryManagerService does not reset the used memory count to zero in clear
* [DIRECTMEMORY-132] - incorrect case name in
* [DIRECTMEMORY-133] - "DirectMemory Simple Usage" doc improvement