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Release Notes - DeltaSpike - Version 1.8.2
[DELTASPIKE-1276] - Multiple license headers
[DELTASPIKE-1299] - Order by items are applied in alphabetic order
[DELTASPIKE-1310] - Please use https (SSL) for links to KEYS, hashes, sigs
[DELTASPIKE-1313] - DeltaSpikeProxyInterceptorLookup fails on WAS
[DELTASPIKE-1316] - add dynamic annotations feature, configurable via config
[DELTASPIKE-1317] - AnnotatedCallableImpl blows up with ArrayOutofBounds when parsing enums
[DELTASPIKE-1344] - deltaspike-cdictrl-owb has a transient runtime dependency on Shrinkwrap and Arquillian
New Feature
[DELTASPIKE-1319] - labeled alternatives
[DELTASPIKE-1320] - global alternative spi to support custom (type-safe) mechanisms
[DELTASPIKE-1337] - optional ClassFilter spi
[DELTASPIKE-1338] - support class-filter per test
[DELTASPIKE-1309] - Upgrade ASM
[DELTASPIKE-1311] - Allow Excluded Repositories
[DELTASPIKE-1329] - ProjectStageProducer should log changed values
[DELTASPIKE-1331] - minor type improvement of the ViewConfigNode spi
[DELTASPIKE-1332] - support further cases for custom view-meta-data
[DELTASPIKE-1334] - javadoc for ConfigPreProcessor#beforeAddToConfig
[DELTASPIKE-1339] - Add support for dynamic interceptor binding, added via Extension
[DELTASPIKE-1257] - Research why BOM isn't working right in a release
[DELTASPIKE-1312] - Upgrade to quartz-2.3.0