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Release Notes - Apache DeltaSpike - Version 1.5.2
[DELTASPIKE-839] - Data module test deployments pack individual classes instead of JARs
[DELTASPIKE-1009] - unknown repository class
[DELTASPIKE-1014] - SecuredAnnotationAuthorizer overwrites method-level annotation metadata with class-level annotation metadata
[DELTASPIKE-1016] - JSF documentation broken
[DELTASPIKE-1024] - WindowHandler: Loading... not displayed in initial request in new tab
[DELTASPIKE-1026] - WindowHandler: Loading... not displayed in IE8
[DELTASPIKE-1027] - WindowHandler: "screenshot" still clickable in IE8
[DELTASPIKE-1028] - WindowHandler: JS error on IE8
[DELTASPIKE-1034] - DefaultEntityManagerHolder is not Serializeable
[DELTASPIKE-989] - Document ClientWindow modes more detailed
[DELTASPIKE-1015] - Support hierarchical BeanManager and Extensions
[DELTASPIKE-1017] - spi for config-validation
[DELTASPIKE-1019] - Enterprise container friendlier deltaspike-cdictrl-weld
[DELTASPIKE-1021] - Enhance documentation for JSF module
[DELTASPIKE-1025] - WindowHandler: Remember every body attr for the windowhandler.html
[DELTASPIKE-1029] - WindowHandler: Avoid windowhandler streaming in some redirect cases
[DELTASPIKE-1031] - Update profiles for Wildfly
New Feature
[DELTASPIKE-1023] - WindowHandling: refactor screenshot handling/remember scroll position
[DELTASPIKE-1035] - Make DS PersistenceUnit public and also parse properties
[DELTASPIKE-982] - improve internal description of our release-steps
[DELTASPIKE-1011] - re-visit excluded tests for the wls profiles
[DELTASPIKE-1012] - update site and javadoc to 1.5.1
[DELTASPIKE-1013] - remove outdated content
[DELTASPIKE-1020] - improve core documentation
[DELTASPIKE-1038] - prepare v1.5.2