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Release Notes - Apache DeltaSpike - Version 1.4.2
[DELTASPIKE-830] - windowhandling doesn't work correctly when onload defined on h:body
[DELTASPIKE-887] - ds:windowId should initialize the windowhandler script
[DELTASPIKE-929] - Weld test profile is broken
[DELTASPIKE-930] - Fix data module tests on GF
[DELTASPIKE-931] - Integration tests fail when dependencies are class folders, not JARs
[DELTASPIKE-939] - dswid=tempWindowId for every duplicated tab in Chrome/Firefox
[DELTASPIKE-941] - JPA link broken in Data Module documentation
[DELTASPIKE-947] - StackOverFlow with DELEGATED window mode and undefined javax.faces.CLIENT_WINDOW_MODE
[DELTASPIKE-954] - CLIENTWINDOW windowhandler.html contains unreplaced variable
[DELTASPIKE-958] - remove outdated information
[DELTASPIKE-959] - DS cuts the windowId generated from JSF 2.2
[DELTASPIKE-960] - WindowIdHtmlRenderer needs to use maxWindowIdCount for window-id cookies
[DELTASPIKE-673] - CdiQueryInvocationContext#isNew does not work well with OpenJpa and detached entities
[DELTASPIKE-932] - Refactor ClientWindow server side
[DELTASPIKE-933] - Upgrade to Arquillian 1.1.8.Final
[DELTASPIKE-934] - @Query metadata should be considered for any method expression
[DELTASPIKE-935] - ds:disableClientWindow should also disable JSF 2.2 rendering mode
[DELTASPIKE-945] - Verify WildFly 9 profile
[DELTASPIKE-946] - Prevent jfwid rendering
[DELTASPIKE-948] - CdiQueryInvocationContext#isNew isn't portable across jpa providers
[DELTASPIKE-949] - RequestResponseHolderListener should be deactivatable
[DELTASPIKE-950] - RequestResponseHolderListener fails if requestInitialized() is called more than once
[DELTASPIKE-951] - validate the content of TestControl#startScopes
[DELTASPIKE-953] - Refactor ClientWindow client side
New Feature
[DELTASPIKE-904] - Stereotype support for interceptor binding lookup on partial beans
[DELTASPIKE-910] - Add EntityRepository.getPrimaryKey(E entity)
[DELTASPIKE-922] - OSGi support for Security Module
[DELTASPIKE-961] - prepare v1.4.2