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Release Notes - Apache DeltaSpike - Version 1.4.1
[DELTASPIKE-594] - Memory leak in RepositoryComponents singleton
[DELTASPIKE-901] - doesn't respect order by
[DELTASPIKE-905] - Missing OSGi headers in Proxy modules
[DELTASPIKE-908] - org.apache.deltaspike.test.scheduler.custom.CustomSchedulerWarFileTest fails with Weld
[DELTASPIKE-915] - Transactional#readOnly needs to be @Nonbinding
[DELTASPIKE-917] - EnvironmentAwareTransactionStrategy fails in unmanaged threads
[DELTASPIKE-603] - removeBy* - similiar to findBy*
[DELTASPIKE-911] - Criteria API - Add support for accept multiple columns in orderBy
[DELTASPIKE-913] - QuartzScheduler uses BeanProvider.getContextualReference() for dependent scoped bean
[DELTASPIKE-919] - higher priority for dynamic navigation-parameters
[DELTASPIKE-924] - Adjust The AbstractEntityRepository Class section.
New Feature
[DELTASPIKE-700] - Add #tableName() to AbstractEntityRepository
[DELTASPIKE-701] - Add method in EntityRepository to merge a detached entity and remove it
[DELTASPIKE-894] - Trim for CriteriaSupport API
[DELTASPIKE-923] - Add #entityName() to AbstractEntityRepository
[DELTASPIKE-816] - document usage of multiple entity-managers
[DELTASPIKE-909] - Site/Docs/Javadoc Release procedures for DS 1.4
[DELTASPIKE-916] - Weld 2.3 and 3.x support
[DELTASPIKE-925] - prepare v1.4.1
[DELTASPIKE-902] - Test for EntityRepository#removeAndFlush(entity)