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Release Notes - Apache DeltaSpike - Version 1.1.0
[DELTASPIKE-732] - Servlet API module needs beans.xml
[DELTASPIKE-733] - Documentation: CSS missing for https
[DELTASPIKE-736] - MockAwareInjectionTargetWrapper breaks interceptors in unit tests
[DELTASPIKE-738] - ViewConfigTest relies on ordering of elements in a HashSet
[DELTASPIKE-739] - BeanBuilder#readFromType should respect @Typed
[DELTASPIKE-742] - validateBindings fails with owb for secured-stereotypes with values
[DELTASPIKE-744] - check is-prefix of converter-/validator-methods
[DELTASPIKE-748] - Fix DS Security AbstractAccessDecisionVoter documentation
[DELTASPIKE-752] - ensure a secure maximum length of the window-id
[DELTASPIKE-753] - Initial redirect does not encode URL
[DELTASPIKE-754] - Empty dswid-paramter causes infinite redirects
[DELTASPIKE-757] - Create tests for WindowContextQuotaHandler
[DELTASPIKE-764] - missing cleanup in EmbeddedServletContainer
[DELTASPIKE-544] - api for a fine-grained control of @ViewAccessScoped beans
[DELTASPIKE-735] - allow multiple stereotypes annotated with @Secured
[DELTASPIKE-755] - cache proxy to ViewConfigResolver
[DELTASPIKE-763] - check usage of disabled feature
New Feature
[DELTASPIKE-751] - WindowContextQuotaHandler
[DELTASPIKE-725] - tests for converter/validator injection
[DELTASPIKE-741] - set default version of tomee to 1.7.0
[DELTASPIKE-758] - Document WindowContextQuotaHandler
[DELTASPIKE-761] - mocked producers can't be portable in any case
[DELTASPIKE-762] - disable mock-support per default
[DELTASPIKE-765] - release notes for v1.1.0