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Release Notes - Apache DeltaSpike - Version 1.0.0
[DELTASPIKE-227] - documentation for minimal type-safe messages
[DELTASPIKE-370] - ContainerCtrlTckTest - fix testShutdownWithInactiveContexts()
[DELTASPIKE-372] - WeldContainerControl should stop contexts during shutdown
[DELTASPIKE-543] - org.apache.deltaspike.distribution is disconnected
[DELTASPIKE-590] - ExceptionHandlerBroadcaster should not rethrow exceptions from BridgeExceptionHandlerWrapper
[DELTASPIKE-595] - broken assembly config
[DELTASPIKE-597] - Use correct names of brands and products in documentation
[DELTASPIKE-609] - @Transactional for methods in super-class(es)
[DELTASPIKE-618] - NullPointerException when trying to schedule job manually
[DELTASPIKE-624] - inconsistent package naming
[DELTASPIKE-629] - Initial redirect fails behind proxy/fw/apache redirects
[DELTASPIKE-639] - Fix Criteria API count methods signatures
[DELTASPIKE-396] - ShrinkWrapArchiveUtil creates jar files with random names
[DELTASPIKE-596] - use optional flag for ExceptionToCatchEvent
[DELTASPIKE-598] - TestAware as optional contract for implementations of ExternalContainer
[DELTASPIKE-601] - legacy support for ViewConfigPathValidator
[DELTASPIKE-602] - forward manual request-handling to myfaces-test adapters
[DELTASPIKE-606] - Simplified DTO mapping for Entity updates
[DELTASPIKE-607] - Add EntityManagerDelegate<E> interface to API
[DELTASPIKE-611] - @Exclude on abstract classes
[DELTASPIKE-612] - optional ConfigurableNavigationHandlerWrapper for jsf v2.2+
[DELTASPIKE-614] - @Named support for ExecutableCallbackDescriptor
[DELTASPIKE-617] - Utility Method for TypedQuery in AbstractEntityRepository
[DELTASPIKE-621] - DeltaSpikeResourceHandler should implement Deactivatable
[DELTASPIKE-626] - ensure valid application wrapper chain
[DELTASPIKE-630] - JsfSupportedLocaleAwareLocaleResolver should be the default LocaleResolver for the jsf module
[DELTASPIKE-631] - improve supported-locale check
[DELTASPIKE-636] - @Secures should trigger the ds-exception-handler
New Feature
[DELTASPIKE-514] - optional integration with myfaces-core 2.2
[DELTASPIKE-593] - support for mocked cdi-beans
[DELTASPIKE-608] - @Transactional#readOnly
[DELTASPIKE-628] - support for the configured message-bundle in faces-config.xml
[DELTASPIKE-632] - CdiAwareJobFactory
[DELTASPIKE-306] - Examples for the features of the JSF module
[DELTASPIKE-589] - Support WLS Profile in Data Module
[DELTASPIKE-592] - merge back release branch 'deltaspike-0.7'
[DELTASPIKE-610] - re-visit DataSourceConfig
[DELTASPIKE-615] - create list of undocumented api classes
[DELTASPIKE-616] - update build config for v1
[DELTASPIKE-619] - update version numbers of dependencies
[DELTASPIKE-622] - improve profile "wildfly-build-managed"
[DELTASPIKE-644] - release notes for v1.0.0