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Release Notes - Apache DeltaSpike - Version 0.7
[DELTASPIKE-156] - documentation for ContainerControl API
[DELTASPIKE-542] - Problem with JdbcJobstore
[DELTASPIKE-545] - DeltaSpikeExceptionHandler getRootCause assumes caught FacesException is wrapping another Exception
[DELTASPIKE-546] - NPE in observer method on Glassfish 4.x
[DELTASPIKE-548] - WELD-001408: Unsatisfied dependencies for type Scheduler<Job>
[DELTASPIKE-559] - ExceptionHandler lifecycle
[DELTASPIKE-566] - JSF always requires an active WindowContext
[DELTASPIKE-568] - Client Window cookie name is different on server and client side
[DELTASPIKE-573] - f:viewAction is executed twice with LAZY window handling mode
[DELTASPIKE-578] - is not thread safe
[DELTASPIKE-581] - CountQueryPostProcessor assumes a where clause
[DELTASPIKE-583] - duplicated web-fragment.xml in test-archives
[DELTASPIKE-584] - ds:disableClientWindow prevents child rendering with CLIENTWINDOW mode
[DELTASPIKE-585] - HttpSession is not serializable
[DELTASPIKE-441] - provide a default implementation for the interface 'SecurityViolation'
[DELTASPIKE-445] - read ProjectStage also from a few other places
[DELTASPIKE-547] - merge ProxyUtils
[DELTASPIKE-550] - improve proxy detection
[DELTASPIKE-551] - allow full deactivation of DeltaSpikeNavigationHandler
[DELTASPIKE-554] - ContainerManagedTransactionStrategy
[DELTASPIKE-563] - Deactivatable support for PhaseListener
[DELTASPIKE-567] - Consistent post/get parameter naming
[DELTASPIKE-569] - Improve DeltaSpikeResourceHandler handling
[DELTASPIKE-572] - Remove Documentation TODOs
[DELTASPIKE-574] - Versioning for DeltaSpike JSF resources
[DELTASPIKE-576] - improved integration with view-controller
[DELTASPIKE-579] - extract annotation lookup
[DELTASPIKE-586] - optional forward compatibility for javax.interceptor.InvocationContext
New Feature
[DELTASPIKE-449] - ExceptionHandler not invoked for AccessDeniedException
[DELTASPIKE-560] - interceptor for @NavigationParameter
[DELTASPIKE-564] - optional double submit prevention
[DELTASPIKE-553] - improve the config for maven-compiler-plugin
[DELTASPIKE-556] - Impl-Weld tests: Unpacking causes ambiguous dependencies
[DELTASPIKE-587] - release notes for v0.7
[DELTASPIKE-555] - Do not use package-private methods in CDI beans