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Release Notes - Apache DeltaSpike - Version 0.6
[DELTASPIKE-252] - documentation for @Transactional with JTA
[DELTASPIKE-391] - Memory Leak in Data Module
[DELTASPIKE-414] - HttpServletRequest (and others) injection not working in servlet filters from web.xml
[DELTASPIKE-415] - Nested @Folder throws IllegalStateException
[DELTASPIKE-416] - @Folder's name check/resolution is broken
[DELTASPIKE-417] - EntityManagerResolver ignored
[DELTASPIKE-418] - EntityManagerResolver ignored
[DELTASPIKE-424] - EntityManagerResolver with normal scope is not supported
[DELTASPIKE-427] - WeldContainerControl throws a NullPointer before a null check.
[DELTASPIKE-434] - bean-lookup during ProcessAnnotatedType in RepositoryComponent
[DELTASPIKE-442] - PersistenceConfigurationProvider does not pick up any configuration yet
[DELTASPIKE-446] - Current windowhandler.js is incompatible with PrimeFaces
[DELTASPIKE-458] - UserTransaction is not always available in JNDI
[DELTASPIKE-463] - @ViewConfigRoot breaks view-configs added earlier
[DELTASPIKE-471] - support external handling of navigation-cases
[DELTASPIKE-484] - wrong handling of new contextual-storages in WindowBeanHolder#getContextualStorage
[DELTASPIKE-485] - WindowContext isn't injectable in passivation capable beans
[DELTASPIKE-486] - #destroy and #destroyAllActive of AbstractContext destroy entries without dropping them
[DELTASPIKE-489] - AbstractContext#getContextualStorage doesn't forward the current contextual
[DELTASPIKE-490] - WindowContextImpl#closeWindow doesn't destroy beans
[DELTASPIKE-493] - inconsistent handling in WindowContextImpl#closeWindow
[DELTASPIKE-501] - windowhandler.js also handles NONE and CUSTOM
[DELTASPIKE-507] - UserTransaction not available in WAS 8.0 and 8.5 during EJB CMT call
[DELTASPIKE-512] - Navigation happens twice if DeltaSpikeNavigationHandler is de-activated
[DELTASPIKE-513] - Transactional interceptor throws NPE for missing EntityManager
[DELTASPIKE-516] - ClientWindowHelper.handleInitialRedirect mutilates URL, pathInfo is omitted
[DELTASPIKE-518] - DS Data should support Wrapped JPA APIs
[DELTASPIKE-524] - preserve view-parameters
[DELTASPIKE-528] - stopContexts() and container shutdown() do not dispose of application scoped beans
[DELTASPIKE-529] - DeltaSpikeExceptionHandler construction issue in non EE
[DELTASPIKE-530] - deactivatable extensions
[DELTASPIKE-532] - DeltaSpikeFacesContextFactory construction issue in non EE
[DELTASPIKE-535] - DeltaSpikeViewHandler construction issue in non EE
[DELTASPIKE-541] - Remove errant source directory
[DELTASPIKE-341] - Provide Integration between Faces Exceptions and Exception Handling
[DELTASPIKE-373] - Provide an out of the box alternative for ClientWindowConfig
[DELTASPIKE-423] - limit inherited meta-data
[DELTASPIKE-425] - DependentProvider#destroy() must not destroy NormalScoped instances
[DELTASPIKE-429] - Old property that could be removed in parent\pom.xml
[DELTASPIKE-431] - 'ordinal' for @JsfPhaseListener
[DELTASPIKE-432] - ClientWindow adapter for jsf 2.2
[DELTASPIKE-439] - ViewConfigs not residing in packages should be treated as a definition error
[DELTASPIKE-459] - add optional config "testcontrol.stop_container"
[DELTASPIKE-460] - @SkipMetaDataMerge for view-configs
[DELTASPIKE-461] - AccessDecisionVoterContext should contain view-meta-data in case of @Secured in combination with view-configs
[DELTASPIKE-464] - unify naming (Broadcaster vs Emitter)
[DELTASPIKE-465] - provide DefaultViewConfigInheritanceStrategy#addViewMetaData as protected method
[DELTASPIKE-467] - Add default module.xml for jboss modules.
[DELTASPIKE-478] - Create build profile in jenkins that creates binary distribution.
[DELTASPIKE-480] - view-config validation
[DELTASPIKE-495] - expose WindowContext as named bean
[DELTASPIKE-499] - Minify javascripts
[DELTASPIKE-502] - Finish LAZY ClientWindowRenderMode
[DELTASPIKE-504] - easier configuration of ClientWindowRenderMode
[DELTASPIKE-505] - change default ClientWindowRenderMode to LAZY
[DELTASPIKE-517] - improved weld-support
[DELTASPIKE-527] - @Named support for type-safe messages
[DELTASPIKE-531] - rename ExternalResource to InjectableResource
[DELTASPIKE-533] - Introduce a global deltaspike qualifier
[DELTASPIKE-534] - Replace @Web with @DeltaSpike
[DELTASPIKE-537] - test-utils jar should be added to deployed wars only if the test is a server test
New Feature
[DELTASPIKE-256] - allow custom timeout for the UserTransaction
[DELTASPIKE-263] - Generate binaries of DeltaSpike project
[DELTASPIKE-342] - config-annotations for test-runners to control CdiContainer and ContextControl
[DELTASPIKE-399] - Incorporate Solder's ResourceLoader features into DeltaSpike
[DELTASPIKE-426] - cdi support for jsf converters and validators
[DELTASPIKE-437] - window-timeout
[DELTASPIKE-438] - window quota handling
[DELTASPIKE-444] - provide an utility class for data mapper to avoid to reimplement loops each time
[DELTASPIKE-454] - Provide a ClientWindowRenderMode similiar to CODI
[DELTASPIKE-466] - ExternalContainer spi
[DELTASPIKE-468] - optional integration with myfaces-test
[DELTASPIKE-474] - support of Deactivatable for the ds-spi
[DELTASPIKE-475] - auto. registration of jobs with cron-expressions
[DELTASPIKE-487] - port @ViewAccessScoped from codi
[DELTASPIKE-488] - port grouped conversation scope from codi
[DELTASPIKE-491] - port @ConversationSubGroup from codi
[DELTASPIKE-492] - Create ExternalResourceProvider for the Servlet Module
[DELTASPIKE-500] - Implement ds:disableClientWindow
[DELTASPIKE-515] - optional adapter for MockedJsfTestContainer
[DELTASPIKE-118] - custom port for jbossas-build-managed-7
[DELTASPIKE-389] - Create documentation for the servlet module
[DELTASPIKE-428] - update build for weld 2.1.x
[DELTASPIKE-430] - re-visit DependentProvider
[DELTASPIKE-435] - upgrade arquillian adapter for glassfish3
[DELTASPIKE-447] - upgrade tests to tomee 1.6.0
[DELTASPIKE-455] - unify literal-packages
[DELTASPIKE-456] - wildfly-build-managed profile
[DELTASPIKE-477] - New Scheduler module is not included in binary distribution.
[DELTASPIKE-481] - Use unique archive names in Servlet module integration tests
[DELTASPIKE-483] - WildFly build-managed test profile
[DELTASPIKE-496] - Merge arquillian.xml files into a single one
[DELTASPIKE-497] - Create build-managed test profiles for Glassfish
[DELTASPIKE-503] - Add JSF playground module
[DELTASPIKE-523] - align event-packages
[DELTASPIKE-525] - move @Initialized and @Destroyed
[DELTASPIKE-526] - upgrade dependencies
[DELTASPIKE-536] - align creation of test-archives
[DELTASPIKE-539] - release notes for v0.6
[DELTASPIKE-540] - update notice file
[DELTASPIKE-476] - scheduler tests
[DELTASPIKE-479] - add tests with simple ear-packaging