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Apache DeltaSpike-0.4 Release Notes
[DELTASPIKE-10] - review and discuss "metadata implementations and utils"
[DELTASPIKE-80] - review and discuss built in Authorization providers
[DELTASPIKE-104] - unit and integration tests for CdiContainer
[DELTASPIKE-105] - remove workarounds for weld
[DELTASPIKE-113] - Review and Discuss ServiceHandlers
[DELTASPIKE-132] - Discuss the concept of the exception chain / stack
[DELTASPIKE-328] - Create ClientWindow API
[DELTASPIKE-329] - Create a WindowContextManager
[DELTASPIKE-330] - Create a new WindowScope to represent beans that are bound to a browser window
[DELTASPIKE-202] - DefaultMessageInterpolator/LocaleResolver doesn't get picked up properly
[DELTASPIKE-207] - memory leak in OpenWebBeansContextControl
[DELTASPIKE-208] - activateGlobalAlternatives is broken
[DELTASPIKE-260] - Weld serialization issue
[DELTASPIKE-262] - remove useless OWB workaround
[DELTASPIKE-264] - Exception handler swallows UnsatisfiedResolutionException
[DELTASPIKE-268] - our transitive deltaspike dependencies are all set to 'provided
[DELTASPIKE-275] - org.apache.deltaspike.core.impl.exception.control.extension.ExceptionControlExtension#verifyInjectionPoints calls BeanProvider while cdi is not completely started
[DELTASPIKE-280] - ShrinkWrapArchiveUtil registers a picked up resource under the wrong absolute file path
[DELTASPIKE-284] - Deltaspike CDIControl won't work with Weld EE
[DELTASPIKE-286] - Comparators shall always also implement Serializable
[DELTASPIKE-290] - JSF message test fails due to localization issue
[DELTASPIKE-291] - @SecurityBindings don't respect parameter types of @SecureParameterBinding parameters when determining the authorization method
[DELTASPIKE-294] - Weld: Ambiguous dependency with global alternatives when multiple @Alternative classes
[DELTASPIKE-295] - JsfMessageProducer createJsfMessage return type should be parametrized
[DELTASPIKE-296] - Retrieving owb-CdiControl with BeanProvider causes Warning
[DELTASPIKE-297] - Exception handling and multiple qualifiers
[DELTASPIKE-299] - InvocationTargetException not unwrapped
[DELTASPIKE-300] - Basic MBean API/Extension to link CDI to JMX
[DELTASPIKE-303] - Missing cdi-api dependency in jbossas-remote-7 profile
[DELTASPIKE-309] - Locale-related test failure
[DELTASPIKE-312] - GlobalAlternatives must not get handled for OpenWebBeans
[DELTASPIKE-313] - allow cdictrl-openejb to use a different owb version in the build
[DELTASPIKE-317] - NPE if CdiContainer#getContextControl gets called without #boot
[DELTASPIKE-318] - OpenejbCdiControl tries to scan starting classes
[DELTASPIKE-319] - Fail deployment of app with JPA module when EM not found in same class.
[DELTASPIKE-320] - moving the entity-manager injection can break the default handling
[DELTASPIKE-321] - DefaultMessage.argument(Serializable...) should guard against empty arrays
[DELTASPIKE-322] - auto unregister MBeans if already registered
[DELTASPIKE-323] - auto unregister MBeans if already registered
[DELTASPIKE-327] - InvocationHandlerExtension Bean<?>s are not passivation capable
[DELTASPIKE-339] - JndiUtils is broken
[DELTASPIKE-343] - NPE in PartialBeanAsAbstractClassTest with Weld 2.0.0
[DELTASPIKE-348] - WindowScope stuff breaks ICEfaces
[DELTASPIKE-354] - NPE in MessageBundleInvocationHandler on null Argument
[DELTASPIKE-356] - MessageContextProducer causes a ton of log output on each request
[DELTASPIKE-359] - Websphere 8.0.x javaassist proxy does not reflect instance value
[DELTASPIKE-362] - BeanManagerProvider floods log file with warnings on AS7
[DELTASPIKE-363] - BeanManagerProvider NPE when shutting down after a failure
[DELTASPIKE-367] - upgrade owb-arquillian-container to 1.2.0
[DELTASPIKE-89] - Improve JavaDoc
[DELTASPIKE-165] - Exception handlers: support handling unexpected exceptions
[DELTASPIKE-234] - Go back through documentation for Exception Handling add in about equality and ordinal
[DELTASPIKE-255] - base class for extensions
[DELTASPIKE-273] - Provide a way to obtain all property names or map of properties
[DELTASPIKE-292] - @SecurityBindings don't respect parameter types of @SecureParameterBinding parameters when determining the authorization method
[DELTASPIKE-293] - Improve the ViewScopedContext by observing ServletContext and HttpSession lifecycle events.
[DELTASPIKE-298] - Post-Method-Authorizer
[DELTASPIKE-301] - Improve site layout to manage nested dirs
[DELTASPIKE-302] - Avoid same layout to maintain in different files/templates
[DELTASPIKE-310] - Support for TransactionAttributeType REQUIRE_NEW
[DELTASPIKE-314] - TransactionBeanStorage shouldn't be request scoped
[DELTASPIKE-316] - Upgrade to latest pax-cdi requirements for cdi extensions
[DELTASPIKE-326] - Introduce isScannable to ConfigSource
[DELTASPIKE-340] - Support PreViewConfigNavigateEvent for "unknown" views as nav-source
[DELTASPIKE-344] - BeanProvider should get a getBeans() with the BeanManager as parameter
[DELTASPIKE-355] - Create Alternative to DefaultMessageInterpolator using java.text.MessageFormat
[DELTASPIKE-365] - extend ContainerControl boot() to pass in config properties
[DELTASPIKE-369] - Disable WindowScope by default
New Feature
[DELTASPIKE-122] - producer for logger
[DELTASPIKE-187] - @PersistenceContext with @Transactional outside of application servers
[DELTASPIKE-210] - Build OSGi bundles
[DELTASPIKE-229] - Add JSFLocaleResolver as an DeaultLocaleResolver
[DELTASPIKE-266] - Import @ViewScoped support from CODI
[DELTASPIKE-267] - Create JSF module maven structure
[DELTASPIKE-274] - Create a common base for writing Contexts
[DELTASPIKE-277] - Typesafe Messgaes for JSF: add JsfMessage<?> feature
[DELTASPIKE-278] - add 'category' to Message API
[DELTASPIKE-279] - import JSF-Scope_to_CDI-Scope mapping from CODI
[DELTASPIKE-281] - add JsfLocaleResolver for our typesafe messages
[DELTASPIKE-283] - event-broadcasting related to a faces-request
[DELTASPIKE-288] - type-safe view-configs
[DELTASPIKE-289] - implement WindowContext
[DELTASPIKE-307] - integration of @Secured with type-safe view-configs
[DELTASPIKE-315] - Provide a producer for EntityManagerFactories
[DELTASPIKE-336] - support @Stereotype together with @ViewMetaData
[DELTASPIKE-345] - integration of view-controller callbacks with type-safe view-configs
[DELTASPIKE-346] - JsfModuleConfig as type-safe config for the jsf-module
[DELTASPIKE-347] - keep faces-messages per default in case of a redirect
[DELTASPIKE-2] - deltaspike java-se feature ranking
[DELTASPIKE-41] - add examples for v0.1
[DELTASPIKE-59] - review and discuss logging
[DELTASPIKE-68] - discuss BeanFilter for BeanProvider
[DELTASPIKE-88] - discuss Editable* spi approach
[DELTASPIKE-162] - add examples for v0.2
[DELTASPIKE-217] - test twitter bootstrap for DS site
[DELTASPIKE-242] - add examples for v0.3
[DELTASPIKE-276] - upgrade dependencies and plugins before the next release
[DELTASPIKE-325] - upgrade to owb-arquillian-standalone and owb 1.1.8
[DELTASPIKE-331] - create partial-bean module
[DELTASPIKE-333] - replace javassist with commons-proxy
[DELTASPIKE-337] - unify package for annotations
[DELTASPIKE-338] - remove hard dependency to javassist
[DELTASPIKE-351] - re-visit usage of DeltaSpikeConfig
[DELTASPIKE-352] - update dependencies for weld2
[DELTASPIKE-353] - restrict global alternatives to weld 1.x
[DELTASPIKE-247] - Create Identity Model
[DELTASPIKE-285] - MinimalMessagesTest fails on WLS12c