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Apache DeltaSpike-0.2-incubating Release Notes
[DELTASPIKE-15] - review and discuss @DefaultBean
[DELTASPIKE-64] - review and discuss @Secured
[DELTASPIKE-65] - review and discuss @SecurityBindingType
[DELTASPIKE-83] - unit and integration tests for global alternatives
[DELTASPIKE-93] - update java-se example
[DELTASPIKE-99] - refactor the owb-se example to a generic se-example
[DELTASPIKE-106] - re-visit separation of container control and context management
[DELTASPIKE-116] - unit and integration tests for @ConfigProperty
[DELTASPIKE-131] - Discuss the concept of exception handlers
[DELTASPIKE-133] - Discuss using exception handling should be easy
[DELTASPIKE-138] - unit and integration tests for @SecurityBindingType
[DELTASPIKE-149] - unit and integration tests for @MessageContextConfig - static usage
[DELTASPIKE-154] - unit and integration tests for Message and MessageContext - dynamic usage
[DELTASPIKE-159] - unit and integration tests for @ExceptionHandler
[DELTASPIKE-95] - ConfigResolver#getAllPropertyValues implementation and javadoc out of sync
[DELTASPIKE-124] - tests in ContainerCtrlTckTest don't stop contexts at the end
[DELTASPIKE-135] - [CdiControl] make Weld and OWB dependencies <scope>provided
[DELTASPIKE-136] - [CdiControl] cdictrl-owb should only use the Session mocks if the servlet-api is available
[DELTASPIKE-56] - Add BeanManagerProvider.getRequiredBeanManager() method
[DELTASPIKE-67] - auto-veto for (custom) project-stage beans
[DELTASPIKE-72] - BeanManagerProvider#getBeanManager should fail fast if there is no bean-manager
[DELTASPIKE-90] - default ConfigSource should have different ordinals
[DELTASPIKE-97] - fallback for the lookup via ServiceLoader
[DELTASPIKE-98] - fallback for the lookup of resource bundles
[DELTASPIKE-100] - improve the bootstrapping module for java-se for simple use-cases
[DELTASPIKE-112] - improved root-bean-manager support
[DELTASPIKE-120] - BeanProvider: add convenience methods without the 'optional' flag
[DELTASPIKE-123] - convenience methods for CdiContainer
[DELTASPIKE-126] - Include SecurityParameterBinding support for SecurityBindingType feature
[DELTASPIKE-130] - Remove custom ProjectStageProducer logic
[DELTASPIKE-151] - Provide lookup method with Map result
[DELTASPIKE-152] - unified package names
New Feature
[DELTASPIKE-61] - global alternatives
[DELTASPIKE-69] - @SecurityBindingType
[DELTASPIKE-70] - @Secured
[DELTASPIKE-92] - ContainerControl API + impls
[DELTASPIKE-114] - @ConfigProperty based on ConfigResolver
[DELTASPIKE-121] - add a method to inject CDI beans in a particular instance
[DELTASPIKE-127] - credential based login/logout
[DELTASPIKE-137] - [CdiControl] implement ContainerControl for embedded OpenEJB + OWB
[DELTASPIKE-146] - Type Safe Message - Basic
[DELTASPIKE-148] - optional @MessageContextConfig - static usage
[DELTASPIKE-153] - Message and MessageContext - dynamic usage
[DELTASPIKE-158] - @ExceptionHandler
[DELTASPIKE-57] - Add Apache TomEE managed Arquillian adapter to itests
[DELTASPIKE-71] - create deltaspike security module
[DELTASPIKE-85] - refactoring of util classes
[DELTASPIKE-86] - change the test-config to allow to restrict tests to a specific environment
[DELTASPIKE-91] - re-visit test setup
[DELTASPIKE-101] - add incubating disclaimer
[DELTASPIKE-103] - Integration testing on WebLogic Server 12c
[DELTASPIKE-107] - add BackwardCompatibility profile
[DELTASPIKE-108] - add profile for snapshots
[DELTASPIKE-109] - weekly ci builds for different versions of owb and weld
[DELTASPIKE-117] - create profile jbossas-build-managed-7
[DELTASPIKE-125] - refactor "deploy"-methods of arquillian tests
[DELTASPIKE-129] - re-visit visibility of AnnotationBuilder, ImmutableInjectionPoint, InjectableMethod and ParameterValueRedefiner
[DELTASPIKE-141] - move internal test artifacts to group-id orgapache.deltaspike.test
[DELTASPIKE-142] - remove @author in javadoc
[DELTASPIKE-144] - create profile jbossas-remote-7
[DELTASPIKE-163] - preparations for v0.2