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Creates the SQL commands necessary to re-create the schema in the database. In contrast to the
sub task of the same name in the :doc:`DdlToDatabaseTask <ddl-to-database-task>`, this sub task
operates on the schema in the database.
:Required: no
:Allowed: ``true``, ``false``
:Default: ``true``
:Meaning: Specifies whether DdlUtils shall alter existing tables rather than dropping them and
creating them new.
:Required: no
:Allowed: ``true``, ``false``
:Default: ``true``
:Meaning: Whether tables and external constraints can be dropped if necessary. Note that this is also
relevant when ``alterDatabase`` is ``true``. For instance, a table has a
foreign key constraint in the database but not in the schema. If ``doDrops`` = ``true``
then DdlUtils will drop the constraint, otherwise it will be unchanged thus possibly leading
to unexpected errors.
:Required: no
:Allowed: ``true``, ``false``
:Default: ``true``
:Meaning: Specifies whether the execution shall stop if an error has occurred while the task runs.
:Required: yes
:Meaning: The name of the file to write the SQL commands to.