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This is the sub task for creating the target database. Note that this is only supported on some database
platforms. See :doc:`here <database-support>` for details on which platforms support this.
This sub task does not require schema files. Therefore the ``fileset`` subelement and the
``schemaFile`` attributes can be omitted.
:Required: no
:Allowed: ``true``, ``false``
:Default: ``true``
:Meaning: Specifies whether the execution shall stop if an error has occurred while the task runs.
Specifies a parameter for the creation of the database. These are usually platform specific.
:Required: yes
:Meaning: Specifies the name of the parameter. See :doc:`the database support documentation <database-support>`
for the parameters supported by the individual platforms.
:Required: no
:Meaning: Comma-separated list of platforms where the parameter shall be processed (see
``databaseType`` attribute above for the possible values). For every platform
not in this list, the parameter is ignored. If none is given, then the parameter
is processed for every platform.
:Required: no
:Meaning: The parameter value. If none is given, ``null`` is used.