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Sources for the Apache DB JDO web site

While under construction, the website can be found under https://apache.github.io/db-jdo-site/

This repository contains the JDO website source.

  • The ASCIIDOC sources can be found in src/main/asciidoc
  • The website menu is defined in src/main/template
  • The converter for migrating the old html files to asciidoc can be found in src/main/java

How to build the website:

  • Use git pull to get the latest version from the repository.
  • Use git branch MyBranchName and git checkout MyBranchName to create a branch and check it out.
  • Adapt the asciidoc files in src/main/asciidoc or the website menu in `src/main/template
  • Call mvn clean compile. This generates html files in target/site.
  • Copy all files from target/site into the docs folder, do not forget subfolders.
  • Verify the generated website by viewing it locally with a web browser.
  • Commit changes with git commit -m 'my commit message'.
  • Push changes to the repository with git push.
  • Go to Github.com and create a PR for your branch
  • Once th PR is accepted, the changes should be visible on the website (you may have to refresh the browser).


  • Downloads -> Any release -> cgi files....
  • Development -> Sourcecode page
  • Development -> Coding standard page
  • Community -> Team?
  • Development -> Dependencies (SVN -> Git)
  • Cleanup everything