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    <h2>Big Data</h2>
  <p class="text-justify">This library has been specifically designed for production systems that must process massive data. 
  The library includes adaptors for Apache Hive, Apache Pig, and PostgreSQL (C++). These adaptors also stand as examples for adaptors for other systems. 
  The sketches in this library are designed to have compatible binary representations across languages (Java, C++, Python) and platforms.

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  <p class="text-justify">Built-in Theta Sketch set operators (Union, Intersection, Difference) 
  produce sketches as a result (and not just a number) enabling full set expressions of cardinality, 
  such as ((A &#8746; B) &#8745; (C &#8746; D)) \ (E &#8746; F). 
  This capability along with predictable and superior accuracy 
  (compared with <i>Include/Exclude</i> approaches) enable unprecedented analysis capabilities 
  for fast queries. </p>