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PMC Chair Responsibilities


New Committers

  • Ensure that new committers have appropriate access to project repositories.
  • Ensure that the New Committer Process is followed.
  • See Project Committer Management

Notices: New / Changed PMC Members

  • The chair is responsible for sending the 72-hour NOTICE email to the board, then updating committee-info.txt and the LDAP committee group after the candidate accepts -- see the detailed procedure.

Monitor Board Minutes

  • Respond where appropriate to comments about our project by board members.
  • See Project Committer Management

Reports to the Board


Some useful directions for what to include in a report can be found at:

Other useful tools for writing and submitting board reports:


  • Reference: Committee-info
  • Monthly starting January, 2021 through March, 2021.
  • Thereafter, quarterly for months February, May, August, November.
  • Reports are due at least one full week prior to the Monthly Board meeting on the designated months.
  • Board meetings occur on the third Wednesday of each month at 20:00 UTC.
    • Reference: Board Calendar


The content should be committed to the meeting agenda in the board directory in the foundation repository, trying to keep a similar format to the others. Exmaples can be found at the following link. See past “board_agenda_YYYY_MM_DD.txt”.

Subscribe to Board Mailing List if desired.

Record Maintenance