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Made parallel APIs for SetOperations in Theta, and Tuple (generics).
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Apache® DataSketches™ Core Java Library Component

This is the core Java component of the DataSketches library. It contains all of the sketching algorithms and can be accessed directly from user applications.

This component is also a dependency of other components of the library that create adaptors for target systems, such as Hadoop Pig and Hadoop Hive.

Note that we have a parallel core component for C++ and Python implementations of the same sketch algorithms, datasketches-cpp.

Please visit the main DataSketches website for more information.

If you are interested in making contributions to this site please see our Community page for how to contact us.

Build Instructions

NOTE: This component accesses resource files for testing. As a result, the directory elements of the full absolute path of the target installation directory must qualify as Java identifiers. In other words, the directory elements must not have any space characters (or non-Java identifier characters) in any of the path elements. This is required by the Oracle Java Specification in order to ensure location-independent access to resources: See Oracle Location-Independent Access to Resources

JDK8/Hotspot is required to compile

This DataSketches component is pure Java and you must compile using JDK 8 with Hotspot.

Recommended Build Tool

This DataSketches component is structured as a Maven project and Maven is the recommended Build Tool.

There are two types of tests: normal unit tests and tests run by the strict profile.

To run normal unit tests:

$ mvn clean test

To run the strict profile tests:

$ mvn clean test -P strict

To install jars built from the downloaded source:

$ mvn clean install -DskipTests=true

This will create the following jars:

  • datasketches-java-X.Y.Z.jar The compiled main class files.
  • datasketches-java-X.Y.Z-tests.jar The compiled test class files.
  • datasketches-java-X.Y.Z-sources.jar The main source files.
  • datasketches-java-X.Y.Z-test-sources.jar The test source files
  • datasketches-java-X.Y.Z-javadoc.jar The compressed Javadocs.



There is one run-time dependency:

  • org.apache.datasketches : datasketches-memory


See the pom.xml file for test dependencies.