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namespace datasketches {
template<typename A>
array_of_doubles_union_alloc<A>::array_of_doubles_union_alloc(uint8_t lg_cur_size, uint8_t lg_nom_size, resize_factor rf, uint64_t theta, uint64_t seed, const Policy& policy, const A& allocator):
Base(lg_cur_size, lg_nom_size, rf, theta, seed, policy, allocator)
template<typename A>
auto array_of_doubles_union_alloc<A>::get_result(bool ordered) const -> CompactSketch {
return compact_array_of_doubles_sketch_alloc<A>(this->state_.get_policy().get_policy().get_num_values(), Base::get_result(ordered));
// builder
template<typename A>
array_of_doubles_union_alloc<A>::builder::builder(const Policy& policy, const A& allocator):
tuple_base_builder<builder, Policy, A>(policy, allocator) {}
template<typename A>
array_of_doubles_union_alloc<A> array_of_doubles_union_alloc<A>::builder::build() const {
return array_of_doubles_union_alloc<A>(this->starting_lg_size(), this->lg_k_, this->rf_, this->starting_theta(), this->seed_, this->policy_, this->allocator_);
} /* namespace datasketches */