Release v3.4.0
Update product's LICENSE, NOTICE, and

The following indirect dependency changes have made the Daffodil
product's LICENSE, NOTICE, and out of date:

* Apache Commons Codec 1.15 (update) (used by httpclient5 & log4j)
* Apache HttpClient 5.1.3 (new) (used by XML Resolver)
* Apache HttpComponents Core HTTP/1.1 5.1.3 (upgrade) (used by XML Resolver)
* Apache HttpComponents Core HTTP/2 5.1.3 (new) (used by XML Resolver)
* Exificient 1.0.4 (new)
* JAXB API 2.2.11 (new) (used by Exificient)
* JAXB Core Implementation 2.2.11 (new) (used by Exificient)
* JAXB Runtime 2.2.11 (new) (used by Exificient)
* JavaBeans Activation Framework Specification 1.1.1 (new) (used by Exificient)
* SLF4J API 1.7.25 (new) (used by httpclient5)
* XML Resolver & data 4.4.3 (update) (used by Saxon-HE)
* XmlPull (new) (used by Exificient)

daffodil-cli/ Add the following blurb to satisfy the CDDL's
weak copyleft requirement.

* jaxb & activation (new, CDDL)

daffodil-cli/bin.LICENSE: Add the following licenses and lowercase
license in informal use.

* exificient (new, MIT license)
* jaxb & activation (new, CDDL)
* slf4j-api (new, MIT license)
* xmlpull (new, public domain)

daffodil-cli/bin.NOTICE: Update the following notices.

* commons-codec (update)
* commons-logging (remove, no longer used)
* httpclient5 (update, different jar name)
* httpcore5 (update, different jar name)
* httpcore5-h2 (new, different jar name)
* scala-library (update)

3 files changed
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  2. containers/
  3. daffodil-cli/
  4. daffodil-core/
  5. daffodil-io/
  6. daffodil-japi/
  7. daffodil-lib/
  8. daffodil-macro-lib/
  9. daffodil-propgen/
  10. daffodil-runtime1/
  11. daffodil-runtime1-layers/
  12. daffodil-runtime1-unparser/
  13. daffodil-runtime2/
  14. daffodil-sapi/
  15. daffodil-schematron/
  16. daffodil-tdml-lib/
  17. daffodil-tdml-processor/
  18. daffodil-test/
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Apache Daffodil is an open-source implementation of the DFDL specification that uses DFDL data descriptions to parse fixed format data into an infoset. This infoset is commonly converted into XML or JSON to enable the use of well-established XML or JSON technologies and libraries to consume, inspect, and manipulate fixed format data in existing solutions. Daffodil is also capable of serializing or “unparsing” data back to the original data format. The DFDL infoset can also be converted directly to/from the data structures carried by data processing frameworks so as to bypass any XML/JSON overheads.

For more information about Daffodil, see

Build Requirements

  • JDK 8 or higher
  • SBT 0.13.8 or higher
  • C compiler C99 or higher
  • Mini-XML Version 3.0 or higher

See for more details.

Getting Started

SBT is the officially supported tool to build Daffodil. Below are some of the more commonly used commands for Daffodil development.


Compile source code:

sbt compile


Run unit tests:

sbt test

Run command line interface tests:

sbt IntegrationTest/test

Command Line Interface

Build the command line interface (Linux and Windows shell scripts in daffodil-cli/target/universal/stage/bin/; see the Command Line Interface documentation for details on their usage):

sbt daffodil-cli/stage

License Check

Run Apache RAT (license audit report in target/rat.txt and error if any unapproved licenses are found):

sbt ratCheck

Test Coverage Report

Run sbt-scoverage (report in target/scala-ver/scoverage-report/):

sbt clean coverage test IntegrationTest/test
sbt coverageAggregate

Getting Help

You can ask questions on the or mailing lists. You can report bugs via the Daffodil JIRA.


Apache Daffodil is licensed under the Apache License, v2.0.