VS Code extension for Apache Daffodil

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Apache Daffodil VS Code Extension


This is a VS Code extension which enables the interactive debugging of DFDL schema parsing using Apache Daffodil.

Build Requirements

Download - Prebuilt

Until the extension is available in the VS Code Extension Marketplace, please download the latest .vsix file from the releases page.

Package VSIX and Debugger

:exclamation:NOT necessary if using prebuilt VSIX:exclamation:

:exclamation:NOT necessary if running extension via VS Code without VSIX but a yarn install will be required:exclamation:

Run full package

yarn package
  • This command performs the following tasks:
    • Create sbt zip package
    • Install dependencies
    • Compiles Extension
    • Packages Extension
    • Creates Files

Running Debug Server

The debug server will automatically be run by the extension unless useExistingServer is to set to true inside of .vscode/launch.json

If you wish to run the debug server manually the scripts to do so are at the following locations:

  • Debugging through VS Code with or without VSIX:
    • Linux = /home/USERNAME/.local/share/daffodil-dap
    • Mac = /Users/USERNAME/Library/Application\ Support/daffodil-dap
    • Windows = C:\\Users\\USERNAME\\AppData\\Roaming\\daffodil-dap


Once you have either downloaded the VSIX file or created it you can now install it. There are two options to do this:

  • Via “Extensions: Install from VSIX” command from within VS Code.

    • Open the Command Palette with Shift-Command-P (Mac) OR Shift-Ctrl-P (Windows/Linux)
    • Type vsix to bring up the command and pointing it at the vsix file
  • Via command line

    code --install-extension apache-daffodil-vscode-*.vsix


Please refer to the Wiki page at https://github.com/apache/daffodil-vscode/wiki

Getting Help

You can ask questions on the dev@daffodil.apache.org or users@daffodil.apache.org mailing lists. You can report bugs via GitHub Issues.


Apache Daffodil VS Code Extension is licensed under the Apache License, v2.0.

This product includes the logback library, which is available under the Eclipse Public License v1.0.

This product includes the Java Debug Server for Visual Studio Code library, which is available under the Eclipse Public License v1.0.