Apache Daffodil DFDL Schema Template

This repository is a Giter8 template for Apache Daffodil DFDL schemas.


Install SBT and run the following command:

sbt new apache/daffodil-schema.g8

This command prompts for various properties and creates a bare-bones directory structure that follows the recommended DFDL Schema Project Layout. This includes git and sbt configuration files, a basic DFDL schema file, and TDML and test files.


The following properties are used to configure the generated DFDL schema project:


This repository uses the SBT Giter8 plugin to perform a single basic sanity check of template generation. To execute this check, run:

sbt test

This command generates a new project using the default.properties template values and then runs the SBT Scripted commands defined in src/test/g8/test to validate correct generation.


Apache Daffodil DFDL Schema Template is licensed under the Apache License, v2.0.