Remove data and infoset directories

Test files are generally easier to manage/inspect when tdml, data, and
infoset files all live side by side, especially for smaller
repositories. This should be the default.

With the data directory removed, the .gitattributes file is updated to
consider only *.scala, *.tdml, *.xml, and *.xsd test files as text. Any
other test files are considered non-text and will have auto-crlf
disabled. This prevents Git from modifying test files that look like
text if auto-crlf is enabled.
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Apache Daffodil DFDL Schema Template

This repository is a Giter8 template for Apache Daffodil DFDL schemas.


Install SBT and run the following command:

sbt new apache/daffodil-schema.g8

This command prompts for various properties and creates a bare-bones directory structure that follows the recommended DFDL Schema Project Layout. This includes git and sbt configuration files, a basic DFDL schema file, and TDML and test files.


The following properties are used to configure the generated DFDL schema project:


This repository uses the SBT Giter8 plugin to perform a single basic sanity check of template generation. To execute this check, run:

sbt test

This command generates a new project using the template values and then runs the SBT Scripted commands defined in src/test/g8/test to validate correct generation.


Apache Daffodil DFDL Schema Template is licensed under the Apache License, v2.0.