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CXF DOSGi Examples

All examples are written using DS. For other DI frameworks use their methods to publish and consume OSGi services.

The features module provides Apache Karaf features for the examples. So using karaf is the easiest way to get the examples up and running quickly.

The SOAP example also provides a bndrun file for bndtools that allows to directly start/debug the service from Eclipse and export it into a runnable jar.

Checkout and Build

git clone
mvn clean install -DskipTests -Dcheckstyle.skip=true

This will install the examples into your local maven repo.

Editing the examples in eclipse

Start eclipse and do Import .. Existing Maven Projects. Browse to the samples directory of your checkout and import all example projects.

Using bndtools

To use the bndrun files you need the bndtools eclipse extension >= 3.3.0.

Preparing Apache Karaf

Download Apache karaf 4.x. Extract the archive and start Apache Karaf using bin/karaf